Liquor Licenses

At Parmenter Law, our Liquor License Team assists businesses in both retail and manufacturing with all aspects of Michigan Liquor License Law. From our base in Muskegon, we represent and counsel retail clients throughout Michigan and manufacturing clients throughout the Midwest.

Liquor law is complex: there are many different types of liquor licenses for retailers and manufacturers. The type of license required depends on the nature of the specific business. For our clients, we provide a full range of services relating to liquor licenses, including applications, purchases, sales, transfers and management agreements.


At the retail level, our clients include restaurants, bars, resorts, and golf courses throughout Michigan. Our clients include new businesses, as well as established venues. We assist with obtaining and transferring all types of retail liquor licenses, including:

  • Specially Designated Merchant (SDM) License
  • Specially Designated Distributor (SDD) License
  • Tavern License
  • Class C License
  • A-Hotel License
  • B-Hotel License
  • Conditional Licenses
  • Resort Licenses
  • Brewpub License
  • Club License
  • Third Party Facilitator License

We partner with our retail clients to make sure all applicable laws, rules, and regulations are met in a timely manner. Our goal is to enable our clients be able to focus on serving their customers and on running their businesses, while we make sure all the legal requirements are satisfied on an ongoing basis.

Beer, Wine & Spirit Manufacturing

Our manufacturing clients cover all aspects of the liquor industry and include breweries, wineries and distilleries. Our Liquor License Team has helped dozens of craft beer, wine, and spirit manufacturers in all stages of the business process, from startup through production and beyond. No matter what stage a client’s business is in, we work closely with each client to make sure that all federal, state, and local requirements are met as expeditiously as possible.

We handle the full range of liquor licenses for manufacturers including:

  • Brewer
  • Micro Brewer
  • Brewpub
  • Wine Maker
  • Small Wine Maker
  • Direct Wine Shipper
  • Winery Tasting Room
  • Manufacturer of Brandy
  • Manufacturer of Mixed Spirit Drink
  • Manufacturer of Spirits
  • Small Distiller
  • Wholesaler
  • Warehouser
  • Industrial Manufacturer

Our services go beyond just assisting with legal compliance, though: We help alcohol manufacturers connect with all the components necessary to running the business, such as equipment makers, insurance providers, and accountants. We also provide guidance regarding industry best practices.

Our Services for Liquor Retailers and Manufacturers

Our firm's overall approach includes getting to know our clients and working hand-in-hand with each client to help their business succeed. To us, a client's business success is our own success. Rather than simply addressing a specific issue in isolation, our attorneys at Parmenter Law have the knowledge and experience to provide a full range of business services to alcohol manufacturers and retail establishments. In addition to assisting with liquor licensing law requirements, we assist with:

Learn more about our Liquor License Team members below or contact us for assistance with a referral to a Team member who can assist with your Michigan liquor license needs.

Attorneys:  William J. Meier, Joshua A. Reece
Paralegals:  Nancy L. Price