Civil Litigation

As part of the comprehensive services we provide, our Parmenter Law Civil Litigation Team assists clients with a wide range of civil matters and issues. Our Team works with business and individual clients who have been sued or who may need to sue a person or business.

Our Litigation Services

Our general civil litigation experience includes representing both plaintiffs and defendants. Often, the best way we can serve a client is to resolve matters before a lawsuit is even filed. As such, our Team also handles matters involving mediation and the negotiation of disputes. While avoiding an action or lawsuit may be advantageous, our time-tested litigation attorneys litigate aggressively for our clients when necessary.

The subject matter of our civil litigation matters varies widely, including issues relating to contract interpretation and enforcement, employment disputes, corporate issues, construction projects, property disputes, and business matters generally.

Our extensive litigation experience includes matters in both federal and state courts, both at the trial and appellate level. We are always willing to assist a client with a civil litigation issue, no matter what court has jurisdiction.

Litigation frequently arises in the course of handling specific matters for clients in our practice areas, including:

Serving Client Needs

Whether you are contemplating filing a lawsuit or you have been sued, our Parmenter Law Civil Litigation Team is here to help. When any civil matter gets out of hand, we make sure our clients’ interests and needs are always served in a larger, long-term context, rather than resolving a specific issue in isolation at one point in time.

We serve business and individual clients throughout Michigan. Learn more about our Team members below or contact us for assistance with a referral to a Team member who can assist with your civil litigation needs.