Governor rescinds Stay Home, Stay Safe Order

On June 1, 2020, Governor Whitmer issued Executive Order 2020-110 (the “Order”), which immediately moved the entire state to Stage 4 of the MI Safe Start Plan and rescinded all prior Stay Home, Stay Safe orders (most recently Executive Order 2020-96). The Order permits many businesses throughout the State to open, but still restricts a select few that present a heightened risk.

All businesses that resume still must adhere to the social distancing requirements and workplace safeguards set forth in Executive Order 2020-97 (“EO 2020-97”), and any work that can be done remotely must still be performed remotely. The Order also does the following:

  • Permits retail stores to resume normal operations effective June 4, 2020, subject to the workplace standards in 2020-97 and local regulations and capacity constraints (less than 50% capacity).
  • Permits restaurants, bars, and similar businesses to open effective June 8, 2020, subject to workplace standards in 2020-97 and local regulations and capacity constraints (less than 50% capacity).
  • Permits businesses and building owners to deny access to any individual refusing to wear a face covering.

Although many businesses are permitted to reopen, businesses that present a heightened risk of infection are still required to stay closed, including the following: indoor theaters, cinemas, non-essential personal care services (e.g., hair, massage, tattoo), casinos, and indoor/outdoor places of public amusement (e.g., amusement parks, bowling alleys).

For businesses permitted to resume in-person activities, it is important to follow the general worker safeguards and required additional safeguards set forth in EO 2020-97. This includes, among other things, developing a COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan, providing COVID-19 training to employees, conducting daily self-screenings, and maintaining social distancing. A business should review not only the general guidelines and safeguards but also the additional safeguards applicable to any industry or workplace that could describe that business.

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